Get an eyeful of TOP 8 training dissertation title examples

Part of the training in most higher education institutions includes research work in which you will have to write thesis, dissertation or other research paper. According to experts from the best dissertation writing services, a great paper begins with an equally great topic. This is because every other content or information in the academic paper revolves around the main topic.

You may be required to write employee motivation dissertation if you are taking course in Human Resource Management or other course related to personnel and workforce management. A paper on this topic will require an in depth exploration of the various techniques and strategies of increasing the motivation, the commitment and ultimately the performance of the workers.

The following are some 8 examples of titles you may consider:

  1. A critical analysis of how performance contracting affects the employee motivation and performance.
  2. The techniques of increasing employee motivation and commitment depending on the organisation goals.
  3. An exploration of the high performance management technique and how it affects the motivation and commitment of employees to the organisation.
  4. How managers can align employee motivation strategies with the organisation goals.
  5. The management of generation X to ensure high motivation and performance.
  6. Non-monetary strategies of motivating employees and their relevance in the modern work environment.
  7. The 21st century techniques and ways of managing employee motivation from recruitment and selection through active employment to separation.
  8. The profit share as a strategy of motivating employees and getting them to build long term commitment to the organization.

General guideline in choosing topics

These are just some few of the many dissertation on training title you can write on. The general rule in selecting topics is that you should avoid the obvious ones. Also avoid the topics which have been researched and published by many other students. However, you should also avoid topics which have little or no information and which you may not have sufficient time to carry it effective research on the same.

The best place to begin the search on topics is on the internet. There is a lot of information there and you can get general overview of the arguments and issues arising. Always keep in mind that whatever you choose should be of interest to the readers, beginning with your supervisors. Also ensure that you do plagiarise the content or ideas. Acknowledge any source of information and you will score high grades.

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