How do I write a dissertation paper that is due in a month?

  • Ask help from a writing company.

    I know that this is not the ideal solution, but sometimes it is the only one. There are many companies on the internet that are specialized in dissertations and even if you don’t want them to write your entire project, you can still ask them for help. They will gather all the information for you, create an outline, pick the perfect topic and even some nice pictures. The only thing that you will have to do is to put all this together in a text, which shouldn’t be as difficult as you think now. They will do the hardest part for a small amount of money and the time that you have to spend working on this will be significantly diminished.

  • Work with your professor

    Your teacher is always there for you, especially when you have questions related to school. If you feel that all this is too difficult for you to handle, you can discuss with your professor about this and ask for some help and advice. He will give you the best books that you can read about this topic and he will show you how to arrange your ideas in an interesting way. Besides, you can ask him to correct your project at the end, just to make sure that you did not miss any important part.

  • Get a partner

    There are professors who accept their students to get a partner for their dissertation. This is because they know that students don’t always have enough time and that some subjects are too complicated for one person alone. In this case, you are lucky! You can choose a very good student and collaborate with him for this project. Each one of you will do a part of the work and at the end you will just combine your ideas and information. Besides, it won’t seem like such a struggle if you are doing it with someone else, not alone.

  • Use your past projects

    I am sure that you worked on various projects in the last years, and some of them had very interesting titles. If you really can’t complete a new project in just a month, you can take an old one and make some modifications. Naturally, you will have to add more information and to develop some ideas to fit with the level of the course. On the other hand, you already have the basics so you will save some time and effort. Just make sure that you don’t copy anything from what you wrote in the past, as this is completely unethical.

  • Give up the fun

    No matter what option you choose, this is the main rule that you have to follow. Forget about going out with your friends in the next month and don’t buy any tickets for the movies, because you won’t have time to go there. All your attention needs to be directed towards your dissertation if you want it to be ready in time.

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