Construction Management Dissertation Topics

Construction management is another hotspot topic in academics that will always be flooded with several topics to write about. Therefore, for students to excel in such a field, they don’t just choose any other topics, start writing, and take a strategic and structured approach to handle such issues as the vital idea. However, the aspect to always remember is the choice of topics on construction management, where scholars can write dissertations. You cannot just go for any other subject and start writing your dissertation from the word “go.” All you need is to understand all the fundamental principles for gluing the reader into your writing dissertation.

Most importantly, the kind of construction management dissertation topics you choose should serve as a great inspiration for writing the dissertation. The topics should cover a range of aspects such a methodology, data collection, and research planning. Also, cover aspects like dissertation structuring and the final stage of writing. Generally, engage everything you will need for a startup.    

In this piece, we have explored a range of construction management topics that will help guide the scholar to have a broader view of various guiding principles. Some of the guiding principles include methodologies, research formulation, and many others. Let us have a deeper understanding of what these construction management dissertation topics are.   

Construction Management Dissertation Topics

We have explored some construction management topics just to give you an impression of the path each dissertation in that area should follow. Most of the ideas reflect on the ideal areas of academic research within the span of construction.   

Construction management dissertation topics 

  • Hindrances of the implementation of Lean construction in the UK.
  • Photovoltaic adoption and implementation in the UK.
  • The use of solar thermal energy
  • Labour shortage in the construction industries and the corresponding meaning
  • The perfect and effective solution for timber framing  
  • The above topics are just highlights of what you should explore in construction management when writing dissertations. There are also many other topics in the same field you search and write dissertations.  


The choice of topic for writing a Construction management dissertation relies on a thorough assessment of what will steer you into writing. Poorly chosen topics will likely give you a hard time as you might have spent a lot of time researching for content that won’t earn you a lot. After identifying the rightful topics to start with, you can, in the same line, prepare a strategic way of structuring your dissertation. The structure of your construction management dissertation matters a lot. Usually, it is always a good idea to invite your reader to start with some of the materials and finish your dissertation with a summary of the position of construction management. Every information you incorporate into each chapter confine itself to what your writers want. However, that doesn’t mean that you revolve around the same circle of information, but you need to go that further step to give your instructors a unique touch of a dissertation.   


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