29 Strong Ideas for Dissertation Topics

Are you struggling to choose topic for your dissertation? It is not easy to find a relevant topic of your field of interest to do research on it. But first the question arises, why need of research? Research shed light on problems that is ignored and haven’t pay attention for a while or also to improve the process or system. More importantly, it holds value to the society in a way that your research provide insight to findings that can be useful or implemented in the community.

Now we know the aspect of conducting research and the real question came, what makes your topic great? Is it should be exciting, or you can use any previous topic? Well, using an old should not be good neither for your doctorate degree nor for your dissertation. The topic should be interesting to read and haven’t been explored yet.

You might be looking for ideas of topic that excite you to do research on it. It is better to go with your field of interest. Here are some ideas of topics of various field that you can look up for. Explore your domain and see if it fits in your interest.

Sciences topics

Sciences field belongs to chemistry, Mathematics, physics, biotechnology, biochemistry, botany, and many other fields. When we heard the name of sciences, it comes to things that surround us. From environment to space, each phenomena occur due to specific reasons. If these phenomenon interests you to find dissertation topic from it, then here they are:

  1. Technology to promote anti-aging products in body
  2. Development of polymers by use of nanotechnology
  3. Making beauty products free of chemicals
  4. Contribution of black holes in physics
  5. Theories related to space travels and their linkage among them
  6. Constellation in Milky Way galaxy

Art and humanities topics

Doing PhD in humanities, there are list of good ideas that haven’t been explored yet. The field that comes under this category is art, linguistics, philosophy, cultural studies, history, and much more. Some of suggested topics are as follows:

  1. How digital art affect entertainment
  2. Apps related to music and its effect on music industry
  3. Does changing accent shapes personality of an individual
  4. Deep analysis of bilingual education on child’s mind
  5. Diplomatic relationship among countries in era of 1900’s
  6. Linking the theories of psychology

Law topics

Writing dissertation on law field can be challenging so choose a topic that not only theoretical but also can be serve as a base for change in law in future. The subcategory of law are family law, public law, and international law. Some exciting ideas are listed as follows:

  1. Exploring legislative in parental in charge in UK
  2. Role of gender equality in divorce process
  3. Influence of rights violation on election
  4. The stigma of transgender and their rights in society
  5. Laws of gun violence in USA

Business topics

With the modern-day technologies, the way of doing business is also changing. From marketing to finance, each domain has become too vast that it has great impact in the future. The domain of business is accounting, finance, marketing, public administration, and so on. Some ideas for dissertation topic are as follows:

  1. Tax on freelancing market
  2. Study of Income tax on large and small business
  3. Cash flow statement in success of company
  4. Study on the influence of corporation on public administration
  5. Factors to successfully launch and sale your product on social media
  6. Effect of gender equality in business employments

Economic topics

Dissertation on economy can be categorized in subfields of macroeconomics, microeconomics, applied and international economics, and much more. The problems related to economics can be geographical or traditional. Following are ideas that can gives an insight to economics:

  1. Factors that affect the Brexit in third work countries.
  2. Deep analysis of economic theories of UK
  3. Similarities and difference of economy of superpowers in world
  4. Effect of taxation system in local and private industries
  5. Which is better; use of labor or modern-day machinery
  6. Forecasting the international economic changes worldwide
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