Writing PhD Thesis

PhD is itself drains energy and writing thesis to elaborate your research really time consuming and fatigue work. It is the longest piece of academic writing a student has ever write one. It takes years of research, sleepless nights spend on experimentation and analysis, and drain health physically and mentally. But who are passionate to do research and in love with literature and reading, then writing thesis of PhD can be very exciting journey for them.

Another important point to keep working on dissertation is to chose good and interesting topic. The topic should be thought-provoking not only for you but also for the audience so that they take interest and praise your findings in scientific community. The appraisal is all you want after finishing hectic journey of years. Let’s discuss more detail about PhD thesis.

Length of PhD thesis

The length of a PhD thesis differs and depends on the topic itself. If topic is too broad and involved multiple steps of analysis detail then it may extend to more than 200 pages. If topic is specific and does not involve larger participants study, then it can be of 150 pages. However, you cannot decide the page limit yourself. There are instructions mentioned by the department about how long a PhD thesis should be? Moreover, the study and research of PhD is in depth that is why it years to work on it.

General format

The format of thesis is almost same but you exclude and include few headings based on suggestions of your supervisor. Following of the points come under thesis:

  1. Title page
  2. Acknowledgement
  3. Table of content
  4. Abstract
  5. Introduction
  6. Literature review
  7. Method
  8. Results
  9. Discussion
  10. Conclusion
  11. References

There is no precise recommendation about how to write it or no point of interviewing someone about asking their emotions and struggle of writing PhD thesis. Everyone has their own experience. Some are expert enough to write in two months before deadline while some need to understand the technicalities of thesis and take year to write it. So, it varies.

Clear your confusion about supervisor

Ever heard someone complaining about supervisor? Well, obviously not all students are blessed with good supervisors. All supervisors are not bad but all are not good either. You cant categorize someone in good or bad category. In my opinions, a good supervisor is someone that guides and discuss ideas with you while a bad one doesn’t want to give time to you. Hence, in writing thesis you need to communicate and develop good relationship with your professor to achieve goals of your thesis and finish it on time.

Manage time and mental health

Writing a PhD thesis is a hectic task and consumes too much time. You cannot complete it by doing in one week or one month. Make your schedule from the very first day of research to see what things you want to do today and what had already done. This will help you in creating timeline of your steps and decision and daily reminders to achieve small milestone by doing task regularly.

Also take care of your mental health by taking breaks and enjoying with your research mates. Enjoy your journey and take days off for job interview or conference to divert your mind to another task.

Writing process of thesis

The writing part can be challenging parts and beginner research students are always asking for recommendation and advice to wind it up as soon as possible. Honestly speaking, you don’t need any other recommendation if you truly know abilities. Yes, the ability to tolerate pressure and workload.

If you think that you can write and read many articles per day, then it is not a big deal for you to bear the writing process and submit it on time. If you cant deal with daily small task and ended up doing mistakes, then you better not take risk to finish it near deadline, rather try to do create small daily task and achieve it.

Your daily struggle of writing thesis defines at which point you are standing. So, gear up and sat on your laptop and start writing it.

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