Computer Science Dissertation Topics

Computer science is a vast field and has many exciting technology topics you can cover for a dissertation. In this piece, we will cover a range of critical issues for helping you narrow down to your area of interest. Most importantly, various topics could also relate to this field, and some of them include designing cloud-based information systems. Here is a highlight of some more.

  • Various technologies and algorithms used in indexing and parsing multimedia databases
  • Visualization of text categorization using machine learning and hierarchical structures
  • Tools and processes used in the UK to identify software requirements
  • Enabling autonomous navigation through outdoor and indoor environments and settings
  • Use of IT in improving the value of inter-organizational knowledge management
  • Intelligence in marketing
  • Use of autonomous mobile robot in computing environmental virtual models
  • Discovering cybersecurity loopholes in the transition to vehicle automation in the UK.
  • Discovering the best ways of achieving System-Level Testing of Distributed Systems.
  • The requirements in the analysis and design stages in Next Generation Software Release Management System
  • Establishing the requirements of Enterprise Content Management Systems
  • Understanding the factors that affect the information system development process
  • Understanding the methods of agile project development and project management tools
  • Effective implementation of risk approaches in the software development process.
  • Challenges faced in database design and information system development
  • Implementation of Bio-Informatics to advance healthcare services in the UK.

Hardware, Network and Security Dissertation Topics

  • Lab tests for TCP over Ethernet LAN performance analysis on Windows
  • Security and privacy risks associated with internet with Electronic ID card authentication
  • Prevention of relay attacks to advance smart card security in network transmissions.
  • Network security analysis using programming approaches
  • Securing data in Wi-Fi and peer to peer networks
  • Application of data technologies in managing network data

Software, Programming and Algorithm Dissertation Topics

  • Implementing document management systems through the web by markup languages such as Microsoft SQL server
  • Implementing and enabling optimal algorithm for the generation of clusters
  • Different methods of testing embedded software systems

Information systems computer science dissertation topics

  • The effect of the web on users of libraries
  • Integrated information system implementation in library environments
  • The effect of full-text databases on services provided by search engines
  • The experiences shopping cart users face through full-text databases.  
  • The influence of cyberinfrastructure and internet jobs on UK income
  • The influence of cyberinfrastructure and the internet on marketing and its users in the UK.
  • The meaning of finding retrieval and behavior
  • The use of innovation and information in the scientific sector by students
  • Graduate usage of information and innovation societies   
  • Implementing multimedia and web to transit to measuring and planning the effects of applications on the use of languages
  • Services, product, and technologies on the internet and their effects on e-marketing services
  • Various e-marketing service models along with usage of computers, internet, and networks
  • Developing e-learning information systems in educational institutions in the UK
  • The use of massive data analysis in controlling and tracking traffic lines
  • The use of high-speed cameras in controlling and managing over-speeding
  • The use of AI systems in improving HCI on mobile devices
  • Controlling and tracking individual behavior on social media platforms
  • Tracking and monitoring a person’s usage of social media platforms


Computer science has a range of sub-fields you can write content about. Since it deals with technological issues, you will find an excellent time crafting and researching new technical ideas you have never encountered. However, you can hire professional dissertation writers to help with the dissertation research if you are too busy to do everything by yourself.


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